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The Park is closed for the
2017 park fee's are $20 per person.

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Colorado Off Road Extreme LLC. (CORE) is an 800-Acre off road park for Trucks, SUV’s, Jeeps and all types of four-wheel drive vehicles,as well as atv's, rallycars, hill climb cars, off road desert cars and buggy's. CORE offers a legal, private and controlled place for off roading  enthusiasts and includes a 10-15 Mile Off Road Track, Mud Bogging,One mile short course track, 2 Mile Rally Sprint track, Rally Cross track, Rock Crawling, mud pits, and motocross tracks. just to name a few. CORE is located fifty miles east of Denver on Interstate 70.

Visit CORE for all your Off Roading fun!
CORE will continue the desert series for 2016, we are planning on running eight races that will very in distance from 100 to 300 miles on a new designed and improved track that will change for each race, the track length will also change depending on conditions.
The motocross track is not watered, it is a family riding and practice track only. We do not cater to mx racers, we do not have the equiptment to water and groom track. We have added a pee-wee track.
 We  provide open riding areas for the whole family.
Quads, bikes, and UTV's are always welcome at CORE and UTV's are invited to race in our desert series.
CORE will continue to provide venues for the Colorado Rally Cross Assoc., Colorado hill climb, Dirt Riot, RMURA, CORCS, and others. We look forward to working with these organizations for the 2015 season and beyond.
CORE offers rock crawling and various other obsticles to test your 4x4.

Or if you prefer mud we have plenty of that as well.