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To all CORE customers,

It is with much regret that I must write this letter.

 I was notified earlier this month that the insurance company that we were using will no longer cover off road parks with liability policy’s. We have been contacting everyone possible around the country trying to find anyone who will write a policy for off road parks, to no avail. I have met with the land owners and the only solution is to close the park to the general public until such time we can find someone to insure the park. That being said (ALL EVENTS THAT HAVE BEEN SCHEDULED WILL GO ON AS PLANNED). We will continue to have events as long as they are insured.

We will continue to look for a company that will insure the park, in the event we are unable to get coverage by the end of April we will be issuing refunds to anyone who purchased a season pass (as requested).

I am committed to providing a venue for events until that is not possible any longer, I will continue to negotiate with the land owners as to the future of CORE beyond this year if we cannot find coverage.

To all groups with events scheduled please forward your insurance certificates to me at least one week prior to your event scheduled date. No event will take place without certs. In hand.

I am still planning to do 2-3 Rally sprint events this season and I am working on the event insurance for that as we speak.

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Colorado Off Road Extreme LLC. (CORE) is an 800-Acre off road park for Trucks, SUV’s, Jeeps and all types of four-wheel drive vehicles,as well as atv's, rallycars, hill climb cars, off road desert cars and buggy's. CORE offers a legal, private and controlled place for off roading  enthusiasts and includes a 10-15 Mile Off Road Track, Mud Bogging,One mile short course track, 2 Mile Rally Sprint track, Rally Cross track, Rock Crawling, mud pits, and motocross tracks. just to name a few. CORE is located fifty miles east of Denver on Interstate 70.

CORE will continue to provide venues for the Colorado Rally Cross Assoc., Colorado hill climb, RMAP, CORCS, and others. We look forward to working with these organizations for the 2017 season and beyond.